Armor Corporation has four divisions

Our most exciting division is the very affordable Historic Ward Commercial Building. We offer a beautiful venue for your commercial leasing needs.

Please contact us and we will provide you with outstanding service to make your special commercial needs a wonderful experience.

  • Coaching Division
    • Armor Executive Coaching
    • Armor Leadership Training
    • Armor Leadership Consulting
  • Real Estate Division
    • Midwest Properties – Historic Ward Building
    • West Coast Properties – Borrego Springs Home
    • Armor Real Estate Development
    • Armor Property Management
  • Information Systems Division
    • Armor Computer Security Audit
    • Armor Computer Security Consulting
  • Entertainment Division
    • C-Note Jazz Productions

Borrego Springs Airbnb Property

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Historic Ward Commercial Building for Lease

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Phone/Text: 309 762 7667

Email: dlw@armorcorporation.com

Phone/Text: 619 972 6157

If you have any questions, We would love to help.

Thank You,
Dan Lee